Investor Relations

Medium-Term Management Plan

The Sakai Trading Group has drawn up the New Medium-Term Management Plan "—Create New Value & Next Globalization—" for the year ending March 31, 2020 to the year ending March 31, 2024. We present the outline here.

The Commitment to the Medium-Term Management Plan "—Create New Value & Next Globalization—"

Through this plan we will proactively address our key managerial issues in order to realize our vision based on our management principles, thus achieving our target figure of 900 million yen in operating income as we seek out new possibilities.

Management Principles

"We aim to be a company that has a social presence and gives our employees a sense of meaning in their work"


  1. We aim to be a global company that broadly expands into the global market as we develop with sustainability.
  2. We will promote the creation of a working environment where our employees have a sense of purpose and feel secure in their work.
  3. We will be a chemical product trading company that has a trustworthy reputation among our trading partners.

Action Plan to Realize Our Vision

We will address the policies listed below to move towards achieving the targets of the management plan.

  1. We will focus on new overseas markets and undeveloped fields in order to improve our trade ratio as we work to further expand and deepen our overseas operations.
  2. We will further expand our foreign offices beyond the 8 locations we currently have over a 5 year period, as well as increase our number of personnel (including foreign subsidiary staff) by around 30.
  3. We will treat staff diversity in terms of nationality, gender and age as a source of competitive strength as we work to improve our corporate performance.
  4. We will review our organization and policies in order to encourage ambition and develop our strengths, while promoting human resources that match with the appropriate roles on a global basis.
  5. We will take action to improve our working environment with the aim of being a corporate group that is filled with appeal and energy, while working to raise the motivation of our employees.
  6. We will create value within the chemical product industry that is unique to Sakai Trading, while broadly contributing to society by responding to the needs of our stakeholders.
  7. We aim to improve the quality of our operations through strengthening our corporate governance and internal control system.
  8. We will construct a strong business foundation that can withstand changes to the management environment as we aim towards sustainable growth and raising our corporate value.

Priority Areas

We aim towards rapid operational expansion through identifying the 3 fields below as our priority areas.

(1) Electronic Materials
We aim to enhance our overseas strategy in order to expand our materials for capacitors and rechargeable batteries as well as to provide a stable supply of raw materials.
(2) Environmental and Performance Materials
We will pursue materials that are kind to the Earth's atmosphere and water, as well as commodities required for living, while contributing to the safety and security of human life. These activities will not be restricted by nationality or region.
(3) Hygienic and Industrial Materials
We will support society through procurement and sales on a global scale of paper diapers, sanitary products, pet toiletry goods and other health care products, as well as all materials related to construction work and disaster recovery projects etc.

Target Figures

The consolidated target figures for the final year (year ending March 31, 2024) is to have an operating income of 900 million yen and an ROE (Return on Equity) of 6%.

(Millions of Yen, consolidated)

  Results for the fiscal year ended
March 31, 2019
Targets for year ending
March 31, 2024
Operating Income 664 900
ROE 5.5% 6.0%