Basic Corporate Action Policy

At Sakai Trading, we have set our basic corporate action policy as provided below, and comply with and actively implement it to accomplish our corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are committed to becoming trusted by society and contributing to society in a significant way. Also, our management and managers are dedicated to taking the lead in implementing the basic action policy throughout the company and establishing corporate ethics, and whenever an adverse situation occurs, working to identify the cause and devise solutions to prevent its recurrence.

1. Providing products and services useful to society

Endeavor to understand the customers' needs correctly to promote customer satisfaction and gain their trust, and provide society with useful products and services.

2. Compliance with laws

Comply with all laws and act in line with social norms, be determined not to give in to, or have relations with antisocial forces.

3. Disclosure of corporate information

Communicate broadly with both shareholders and society as a whole to disclose corporate information actively and fairly.

4. Actively deal with environmental issues

Recognize that consideration of the global environment is the most important issue of corporate management, and work to co-exist with the environment in all aspects of corporate activities.

5. Contribution to society

Respect human rights and work to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

6. Realize a pleasant working environment

Prepare a safe and pleasant working environment, and respect the personality and character of employees, to help each of them achieve an affluent and relaxed life.

August 28, 2023
Nobuaki Yamanoi
President and Representative Director