Chemical Products (Inorganic chemical products, organic chemical products, Food Additives)

We sell a broad range of organic and inorganic chemical products both domestically and internationally. Among these, titanium oxide has excellent tinting and opacifying properties. It is used in fields such as car paints where sophisticated technology and tough durability are required, as well as a whole range of other areas that surround our lives such as printing ink, synthetic resins, fibers and paper manufacturing. In addition, the fact that we provide denitration and deodorizing catalysts that help protect the earth’s environment is also a key trait of our company.

Product Names Intended Use
Titanium Dioxide Paint, Rubber, Ink, Resin
Zinc Products Paint, Rubber
Barium Salts Paint, ink, Electronic material, Pharmaceuticals
Resin Stabilizer PVC stabilizer, PVC processing aid
Catalyst Denitration, Dioxin decomposition, Hydrogenation,  Polymerization of PET
Phenol Derivative Phenol resin, Epoxy resin
Azo Compound Polymerization initiator, Catalyst
Hydrazine Derivative Cross-linking agent, Curing agent, Catalyst, Pharmaceutical intermediate
Isocyanates Polyurethane raw material
Amines Curing agent, Polyimide raw material, Surfactant
Polyethylenimine Paper manufacturing, Adhesive, Fiber treatment, Surface finishing
Sebacic Acid Nylon resin, Polyester resin, Plasticizer
Phosphates Fertilizer, Fodder, Fire extinguishing agent, Metal finishing, Water treatment agent
Alginic Acid Food additives
Glucosamine Food additives
Chitin and Chitosan Food additives
Ascophyllum Nodosum Food additives
Fatty Acid Detergent, Lubricant, Metallic soap


Hygienic Products

We sell the materials for infant's nappies that are becoming more popular overseas, as well as adult's paper nappies for which demand is expanding domestically due to the aging population. In addition, we are distributing high liquid-absorption resins overseas. These are primary materials for nappies.

Product Names Intended Use
SAP Diaper, Sanitary goods
Nonwoven Fabric Diaper, Sanitary goods
Breathable Film Diaper, Sanitary goods
Non-Breathable Film Sanitary goods, Disposable Puppy Pads
Loop Tape Diaper, Sanitary goods
Hook Tape Diaper, Sanitary goods
Diaper Tissue Diaper, Sanitary goods
Laminated Nonwoven Fabric Diaper, Sanitary goods
Elastic Nonwoven and Film Diaper, Sanitary goods
Diaper OEM products


Synthetic Resins

Our distributions are centered around acrylic resins, urethane resins and epoxy resins. The resin products we handle are mainly reflective sheets for road traffic markings and reflective cloth for safety apparel.

Product Names Intended Use
Polyurethane Resin Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Molded article
Epoxy Resin Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Electronic component
Phenoxy Resin Paint, Insulation, Composite material
Aacrylic Resin Paint, Ink
Polyvinyl chloride Building material, Pipe, Film
Polyolefin Building material, Film, Auto parts, Consumer goods
PET Resin Electronic component, Food packaging
Polyamide Electronic component, Film
Polyimide Electronic component, Film
Copolyester Paint, Coating agent, Adhesive
Chlorinated Polyolefin Adhesive
Reflective Sheet Traffic sign, Car license plate
Functional Film Traffic sign,  Advertising sign


Electronics Materials

Electronic ceramics components are essential for the cutting edge electronic devices of our age, such as information transmission devices such as personal computers and smartphones as well as digital AV devices such as DVD players. By distributing perovskite chemical compounds with a focus on barium titanate, which is ultrafine and also highly dispersive and suited for sintering, we make it possible to increase performance, decrease size and lower the cost in fields such as ceramic condensers and semi-conductive ceramics.

Product Names Intended Use
Perovskite Compound Electronic component (MLCC), Fuel Cell
PET Film Protective film, Carrier film
PI Film Substrate (circuit board) material, Insulative film
Conductive paste Silver paste, Nickel paste
Silver powder Silver paste, Electronic component
Binders for Ceramics PVA, PVB, Acrylic
Connector Mobile phone, Computer, Electronic devices
Barium carbonate Electronic component (MLCC)
Strontium cabonate Electronic component (MLCC)


Mineral Products and Biomass Ethanol

We principally handle the importation of ilmenite, celestite, barite and others which are the raw minerals for titanium oxide, strontium compound and barium compound. Barite is the main raw ingredient for the medicinal barium sulfate that is ingested as a contrast agent when taking an x-ray.

Product Names Intended Use
Ilmenite Titanium dioxide
Barite Barium salts, Specific gravity adjustment
Celestite Strontium salts
Tungsten Catalyst / Hard metal material
Vanadium Catalyst
Zirconium Electronic material, Fine ceramics
Titanium Slag Titanium dioxide
Biomass Ethanol Industrial alcohol


Industrial Materials (Construction and Civil Engineering Materials)

We handle construction and civil engineering materials such as sandbags, construction sheets, joint sealant and dust proofing/sand proofing nets.
Recently we have been working towards the development and expansion of environmental and disaster prevention products for reconstruction and decontamination by taking advantage of the technologies and achievements we have accumulated to date.

Product Names Intended Use
Sandbag Civil engineering, Construction, Post-disaster rehabilitation
Construction sheet Construction, Civil engineering
Joint sealant  Civil engineering, Construction
Waterstop Construction, Civil engineering
Net Construction, Civil engineering
Weedproof Sheet Civil engineering, Construction
Impervious Sheet Construction, Civil engineering
Curing Tape Construction, Civil engineering